Engineer of the Year 2017

SCSPE awarded Ms. MK “Trina” Baldwin, PE, the distinct honor of 2017 Engineer of the Year at the 2017 South Carolina Engineering Conference & Trade Show on June 9. Baldwin lives in Central, SC.

Baldwin is a third generation Mechanical Engineer and Professional Engineer. She grew up playing with LEGOS, Erecto sets, Lincoln Logs, and was determined to be an engineer at a young age. She attended the Governors School for Math & Science her junior and senior years. She went on to attend Clemson University where she earned her BS in Mechanical Engineering. A few years later she got her MS in Mechanical Engineer from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Not long after college, Baldwin decided to serve her country and joined the Navy where she served until she retired. While in the Navy, she was stationed in Guam, Italy, Mississippi, Antarctica, and Washington DC. Her efforts to help those in need are incredible. She worked tirelessly for FEMA. Currently she is a consulting engineer and a devoted volunteer. She’s consulting for the Ferguson Group and McCall and Sons, Inc.

Baldwin continues to serve her State and County as part of the SC State Guard Engineering Command. She’s an expert in disaster recovery which she’s shown the last two years volunteering after the great flood of 2015 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Through her service in the State Guard, she’s received the Distinguished Service Medal, the Medal of Merit, the Commendation Medal, and the Humanitarian Service Ribbon.

Baldwin is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers. She currently serves as treasurer of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, SC Chapter. She’s an active member of SCSPE and the SCSPE Piedmont Chapter. She’s is always one of the first to answer SCSPE’s Legislative Calls to action contacting her Senator and House member right away.

She lectures around the US about her experiences in the Navy, with FEMA and her time in Antarctica. She is an advocate for educating our youth and assists with several STEM outreach events at Roper Mountain Science Center. She supports the FIRST LEGO League and is a referee at their events. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her diesel VW’s and grows blueberries and pears. Through all of this, she finds time to be active at her church.

“Baldwin is the volunteer’s volunteer, and is someone the State should be happy she is here to help. She’s always there to lend a hand,” said SCSPE Executive Director, Adam B. Jones.

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