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2015 State MathCounts Team

2015 State MathCounts Team

The South Carolina MATHCOUNTS championship was held on March 28, 2015 at Meadow Glen Middle School in Lexington, SC.  This year, more than 14 middle schools competed to select South Carolina’s State MATHCOUNTS team, who will represent the state at the national competition in May.

MATHCOUNTS is a competition program for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and is sponsored by the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers (SCSPE) and the National Society of Professional Engineers. The top four “mathletes” and the coach of the first place school team will travel to Boston, MA May 7 – 10, 2015.

Sterling School was recognized as the state’s top MATHCOUNTS school team.    The competition consisted of three timed rounds of written math problems. In the first round, the Sprint Round, competitors answered thirty questions without the use of a calculator. The Target Round was comprised of eight problems in series of two. Calculators were allowed. In the final Team Round the school teams of four, together, solved ten problems.

The national team is comprised of the four individuals achieving the highest scores of the 63  participants. This year’s team was made up of Coach Connie Gordon, Sterling School, Asst. Coach Cathy Stinson, Dent Middle School, Andy Xu of Sterling School, Aayush Karan, Hammond Academy, Lauren Chen, Dutch Fork Middle School, and Janette Park, Dutch Fork Middle School.

South Carolina’s MathCounts team did its best ever this year at the National Competition where the South Carolina team placed 12th in the nation (which is the highest SC has ever placed).  All-star mathlete Andy Xu placed 1st in the written round and 2nd in the Countdown round, placing 2nd overall.  The exact amount of funding provided to MATHCOUNTS will be determined, upon receipt of all associated income and expenses.

For more information about the national MATHCOUNTS organization and the national competition, click here.