Jason Vaughn, PE

Jason Vaughn, PE

2015 SCSPE Engineer of the Year

The 2015 SCSPE Engineering of the Year is Jason Vaughn, PE. Vaughn lives in Greenville, SC.

Vaughn graduated Cum Laude with a BS of Civil Engineering in 2003 and a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Project Management and Materials in 2005 from Clemson University.

After college, he considered working for a large construction company allowing him to see the world, but decided to settle close to family in South Carolina. Vaughn works at S&ME Inc. in Greenville. He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with the company.

While working at S&ME Inc. he has worked on many projects. He currently works in Business Development and as a Project Manager. Vaughn is in charge of developing annual sales forecast, business planning and client development plans. In addition to those duties, Vaughn manages large scale projects for the Environmental Services department at S&ME.

Outside of the office, Vaughn is also a community leader, sitting on various boards in Greenville County. He is active in ASFE and the SCSPE. He has gone through the executive committee in the Piedmont Chapter finishing as president in 2014. He is also one of the MathCounts coordinators with the Piedmont Chapter, the Society’s largest regional MathCounts competition. He is currently serving on the SCSPE Strategic Planning Committee. Vaughn was the 2015 Piedmont Chapter’s Engineer of the Year. He was the 2012 SCSPE Young Engineer of the Year as well the Piedmont Chapter Young Engineer of the Year the same year. He and his wife Jill have three children: Ava Jane, Aaden, and Lynch.

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